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This project consists out of 284 units (24.5 square metres each) for young adults. Every unit has its own kitchen and bathroom. On the ground floor there is a Young Professional Meeting Point, laundry facilities and a bicycle storage. On the 4th floor there is a large roof terrace for common use. The entire complex is provided with internet and renewable energy generation installations. This project is one of the first major housing projects in Groningen with an earthquake resistant design. ABT|Wassenaar seismisch advies bv is responsible for the seismic design. This design had a major impact on the type of pile foundation, the length of the piles, the foundation, the crawlspace and the amount of reinforcement needed for the construction. abtWassenaar was the main structural engineer and responsible for the entire engineering and building process. During the process from design until realization, all the engaging parties operated with BIM.

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