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Skolkovo Gardens

Skolkovo Gardens is the 50 ha park located at Skolkovo Innovation Center (a 400 ha special economic zone established since 2010, focusing on five innovation industries Bio-medical, Space, Nuclear, IT and Energy. It includes residential areas for 25,000 inhabitants. The area is a showcase of prominent buildings designed by world-know architects such as Herzog & de Meuron, Valode & Pistre, Gensler and Bernaskoni) in Moscow. The park is designed to be the center of recreation/exchange both for inhabitants and workers of Skolkovo Innovation Center. We have introduced one particular landscape element called “The Rainbow”. The Rainbow is a four kilometer long free styled strip consisting of parallel bands which all have different landscape treatment such as Granite cubes, Gravel, Asphalt (bike & skate path), Flower strip, Swale, Lawn and High grass. Street furniture and pavilions are integrated with the bands. “The Rainbow” symbolizes and encourages the open network of exchange among the innovation industries of the Skolkovo Innovation Center. A team of Maxwan and Arteza (Moscow), in collaboration with MASA architects is rewarded with a contract for design and development stages prior to the realization scheduled for spring 2016.

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