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Maxwan architects + urbanists

MAXWAN is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Maxwan is an international design studio dedicated to contemporary master planning, urban design and landscape design. Maxwan have made a name for themselves internationally with innovative proposals for the new town of Leidsche Rijn (75'000 residents and a hidden highway), the 10'800 houses Master Plan for Barking Riverside, the Master Plan A101 for a new city of 300 000 inhabitants on the fringes of Moscow. MAXWAN encourages collaboration between clients, colleagues and specialist consultants. In each of their projects, Maxwan seeks to merge cultural, technical and esthetical influences into an inextricable and beautiful whole. "Considered among the most important offices to emerge from the Netherlands in the last ten years, Maxwan have distinguished themselves as architects who design innovative urban town plans and as urban planners who make beautiful, intriguing buildings." Michael Speaks, design intelligence 7, A+U 393a

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