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Rozet is the melting pot for various cultural and educational institutions in Arnhem. The location is unique – Rozet is right opposite the huge Feestaardvarken sculpture at Burgers’ Zoo and next to Arnhem’s historic cellars. As an extension of the public space, the building serves as the link between the Central Station by UN-studio and Arnhem's city centre.

Description: General
The building’s exterior is composed of vertical, prefab sand-coloured concrete elements boasting relief designs and decorative rosettes. ABT took the sequence of construction into account when elaborating the technical design. As a result of the clever detailing, the exterior walls of the building were sealed from wind and water at an early stage; this allowed the final phase of interior construction to begin while elements of the façade were still being installed. The walls of the stability cores are made from facing concrete with an applied pattern that imitates wooden planks. All facilities rendered in the 3-D model have been translated, one by one, into the prefab wall elements. As a result, nothing interrupts the seamless rhythm of the faux planking. ABT redefines the functions of project, construction and contract management for each and every new project, creating custom solutions tailored to the specific client: management that fits like a glove. Construction is a team sport. During a project’s execution, we act as a hub within the team of client, architect and advisers. Risk management and an integral approach to the process are the most important considerations in that regard. With the Rozet project, the challenge lay primarily in ensuring the five end users’ awareness of what the final result would be – something easier said than done. Although the basic principles are made clear long before the start of construction, for many clients, the final result remains difficult to conceptualise until the building itself begins to take tangible form. As a result, clients’ desires sometimes shift during the course of construction. Making these oft-changing desires a reality is an area where ABT can truly add value. This ability made a major contribution to the positive publicity surrounding the project, as well as to ensuring another, more important, goal: a satisfied user.

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