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Rotterdam Central Station Area

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Rotterdam is building a new train terminal in the heart of the city. It will provide accommodation for high-speed links to and from Amsterdam, Paris and London, as well as a Randstad-rail connection, new subway station and bus terminal. Over 70 million people are expected to visit the new hub every year. Maxwan has developed an urban Masterplan for the 1km long, 20 ha area surrounding the new Central Station. It provides a key to the transformation of an isolated, unattractive business environment into a well connected, lively part of downtown Rotterdam. The Masterplan stresses the importance of a coherent and well-managed development of a large number of projects within the area. These projects include public space design, design of a new bus terminal and several property developments totaling up to 600.000 m2 of mixed uses. For each project, a set of guidelines is provided that will secure high quality design of the public realm and its buildings. After completion of the Masterplan, Maxwan was appointed supervisor for the Central Station area.

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