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Maxwan, in collaboration with Antea Group, won the international competition to redesign the primary shopping axis of the City of Mechelen, BE. It is one of the seven priority projects designated by the Flemish government to exemplify excellence in urban development in the coming years. It will be a three phase design and execution project, reconnecting central station and the main market square via an over 1km pedestrian boulevard. The vision is to form a true central city axis, seamlessly integrating the various streets, knitting together the five major squares, and all the while maximizing space for green, water, bikes, and art. Pedestrian space is paramount, enlivening the shopping experience. The materials choice is envisioned to be simple, providing comfort and quality, allowing the users to be the highlight of the space. It will be a place to live, play, shop and stroll. This city gateway will reconnect Mechelen with its rich history and fulfill its ambition of becoming the most significant shopping boulevard in Flanders.

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