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London, Barking Riverside

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Barking Riverside will house 25.000 people and will be built within the next 20 years on one of the largest underdeveloped sites in Greater London. The breathtaking site on the northern bank of the river Thames lies at the heart of the Thames Gateway Development, not far from Canary Wharf and the Lower Lea Valley (site of the 2012 Olympics). The design provides 11.000 homes, urban facilities (shops, bars, restaurants, recreation, sports), schools, a large new park, a number of squares, ecological values, an animated riverfront and 2000 new jobs. Accessibility to the river will be one of features adding extra value to the new occupants and the inhabitants of the adjoining borough. The master plan describes in detail the structure and furnishing of the urban space, also explaining the plan’s development within the next 20 years.

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