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Construction along a railway line, adjacent to a university hospital and in the centre of the city demands special methods. The new Level Regional Training Centre (ROC) in Leiden, is located on such a site. The complexity of this site was further exacerbated by a complex functional programme. In addition to a large school, the 60,000-m2 complex will include a hotel, catering facilities and offices. To make sure that a building of this size retains its human dimension, MVSA added all kinds of large open spaces and atriums to the complex.
The ‘trick’ in designing a sound and efficient structure in such instances is to aim for the clearest possible structure. The floor plan betrays this clarity. The large open spaces, few support points and therefore wide spans, suspension structures and the necessary support structures make for a complex set of preconditions. However, the load-bearing structure remained comprehensible. This clear structure continues through to the two-storey underground car park. The construction of the car park furthermore required a great deal of precision because the Dutch National Railways imposes strict requirements in relation to allowable deformations. Such deformations could result in unacceptable subsidence of the railway tracks. The construction of the basement and any attendant impacts were carefully monitored with the use of Total Station. The construction site’s poor accessibility and small dimensions were decisive factors in terms of selecting the construction system: precast concrete with large steel auxiliary structures, whereby in-situ poured concrete shafts guarantee the necessary stability.

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