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MVSA Architects

MVSA Architects, founded in 1984, is an international office that strives for innovation in design, approach and implementation. With its renowned designs, characterized by elegant pragmatism, transparent construction and technological ingenuity, MVSA has made its mark on the international architecture landscape. MVSA Architects operates within the fields of Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Design and Product Design. MVSA Architects approaches the design process from the starting point of the full breadth of the commission. Functionality, user comfort and feasibility all form a part of the architect responsibility. The design, technical process and choice of materials are therefore constantly attuned to practical and financial possibilities and limitations. The quality of public space is always a key concern, and sustainability means much more to us than a routine brief to work energy-efficiently and with a minimal environmental footprint. MVSA creates buildings that can respond to shifting user demands and stand the test of time. In addition to its head office in Amsterdam, MVSA Architects also has offices in Rotterdam and Switzerland.

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