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Leiden station area masterplan

Master plan for the transformation of the Leiden Central Station and its adjoining quarter, from a typical neglected station area into a vibrant new high-density neighborhood that strengthens the connection between the historic city centre in it’s south and Leiden’s Bio-Science district in it’s north. Special care is taken to create a natural transition from the historic centre into this new high density neighborhood: the street network has a similar fine grain and scale, due to a special building typology. By combining low street facades with set back high rises, high density is created while attractive light streets, squares and green spaces are retained. The plan comprises 1000 new houses, workspaces for local starters as well as international firms, a new extension of Leiden’s shopping-centre, a multiplex cinema, cutting-edge parking solutions and a new public transport hub including an indoor bus station and a light-rail station. New- and enhanced connections allow pedestrians and bicyclists to travel on street level, between the two sides of the station without crossing cars, busses and trams.

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