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The former ABN AMRO bank building has undergone a facelift and a sustainability upgrade, commissioned by Triodos Vastgoedfonds. The ambitious objectives were established in a green lease contract. The new tenant, Gasterra, desired flexible workspaces and potential spaces for getting together or holding informal meetings. In order to realise these wishes, a matrix was created in order to compare and contrast all potential variants (a total of 15). All advisers cooperated closely in these efforts. The ideas were subsequently elaborated in a 3D Building Information Model. Windows and window frames were replaced and the roof insulation was renovated. A decision was taken to utilise underground thermal energy storage, including a gas heat pump and heat recovery system. Because the new technical installation requires much less space than the former one, the project team was able to create additional office space on the top floor. The architect also designed large mezzanines running all the way across the building; these mezzanines take a different form on each storey.

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