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Windesheim gebouw X

New construction project for the Economics and Journalism degree programme at the Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. The teaching facility has five layers of construction, yet ten floors: the building is split-level. It houses a variety of office and teaching functions and several supporting facilities, such as a restaurant and an auditorium. The parking garage, which can hold 260 cars, is at ground level underneath and beside the building, along with another structure that offers space for parking 600 bicycles. The client wanted a compact and flexible building. This flexibility is reflected at both the level of the entire structure and in the interior layout. While the building is currently furnished for educational purposes, it could be adapted to serve as an office building. The parking garage offers additional height, with unobstructed space overhead to a height of 3.3 metres. As a result, the parking garage could also be transformed to fulfil an educational or office function in future. At the layout-level, the building is flexible thanks to large open spaces without load-bearing walls.

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