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With its diverse streetscape, De Wereld is a unique street in the Waterrijk neighbourhood in Meerhoven on the outskirts of Eindhoven. Its four housing typologies are inspired by housing from four cultures, which lend the street – the name translates as The World – a varied appearance.

Roofs, setbacks, building heights and facade materials such as white stucco, timber slats and bricks contribute to these contrasts. The resulting organised chaos suggests an international atmosphere, diverse and playful, with a focus on thoughtful details.

Residents can choose the dwelling type, plot area and potential extensions. This array of choices results in a varied neighbourhood populated by residents ranging from young people and seniors to families. The four housing types can be freely intermixed. 

Extensions can occur in the building’s depth or height and can also be realised at a later stage thanks to the sturdy foundation and openings in the concrete roofs. A high degree of flexibility in the project enables residents to personalise the location of the kitchen, bathroom layout, bedroom dimensions, and even how windows open.

The development is exemplary for its user-focused and personalised approach to construction within a larger project context. Features such as solar panels, heat-recovery installation, external solar shading and well-insulated skin (RC 4,0) ensure good energy efficiency.

Moreover, the self-regulating ventilation grills and hot-fill dishwasher contribute to an Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) of between 0.55 to 0.75, depending on the housing type — an impressive score for semi-detached housing. 

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