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Utrechts Archief


After realizing the Drent’s Archive in Assen Zecc was asked to renovate the Utrecht’s Archive. It was the challenge to create a logic inner system, especially around the entrance and the connection to the basement. The archive is situated in a old monumental building that is part of one of the oldest parts of Utrecht. With the renovation the old monastery hallway became more clearly visible. Telling the history of Utrecht of course starts with the building itself.


The entrance is not only used by the Utrecht’s Archive, but is also by the office in the same building. Therefore it was important to be able to close the shop and reception. The solution was found in the doors of the shop, which became two turning shelf walls. When the doors are open they are part of the shop and define the entrance of the Utrecht’s Archive. When the doors are close they function as a display wall. A dynamic and multifunctional situation is created, which suits the different functions in the building.


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