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This award-winning design for a sustainable mixed-use development in Colindale, North London has reconciled the needs of large-scale retail with the creation of a new residential community. Our approach to redeveloping this retail warehousing site was commended by CABE and the Greater London Authority and received planning permission in 2009. The challenge was to maintain both active facades and the volume of parking necessary for shopping while also delivering a design that felt like home for the residents. Dunnett Craven responded to these objectives by designing the housing around a series of elevated, connected landscaped courts, with large windows and balconies providing light and views of the green spaces from the flats. The retail and community facilities provide a lively and active edge for the shopping and parking areas. The residential buildings all have strongly expressed double-height entrance halls. A comprehensive range of environmental measures include on-site power generation that can also supply the wider area, photovoltaic panels and a SUDDS strategy that recycles water for irrigation and amenity.

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