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The garden connection


We are always happy to welcome back our clients! We already transformed this Rotterdam family home twice back in 2013 & 2016. Now, we are working on a final intervention that completes this luxury, family home.

In 2013, P·A replaced a poorly-constructed rooftop second-floor level with a full, pitched roof form. Utilizing the full height of the roof, it now houses a renovated master bedroom, en suite, and sitting room. Spaciously reorganized, its quiet color palette results in a tranquil space for retreat.

A couple of years later, P·A designed a ground floor extension expanding interior space and facilitating a clear connection between all living spaces and the garden. Accessed via a six-step interior tribune with occupiable lounge space, the extension has a large semi-separated ground floor kitchen and dining space. P·A also worked on the interior styling and garden design to complete spatial and visual experience. The project was completed in 2016.

After careful monitoring of the wooden foundations the past years, it turned out it is time to replace them. This creates the opportunity to construct a basement. Now, in 2020, we are working on the design for this basement as an integral part of the living areas on the ground floor. The new spaces offer room for the kids to chill or to work-out and can double up as a guest room. The rooms are connected to the other living spaces via the central stairs in the heart of the house. They can be compartmentalized using floor-to-ceiling sliding doors.

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