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The Broad

The design of Broad Museum is located adjacent to the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall. The design of this museum is intended to provoke a contrast between the two buildings while at the same time respecting the concert hall’s architectural presence by having a porous honeycomb-like exterior. The building design is based on a concept entitled the veil and the vault. With its concrete core of the building is being seen as the vault of the museum, which contains and protects the Art works that are being exhibited. The veil is conceived to be the porous envelope that wraps the whole building. This façade is made out of 2500 rhomboidal/honeycomb-like panels made of fiberglass-reinforced concrete and is being supported by a 650-ton steel substructure. This extraordinary façade is responsible for the natural ventilation and the filtered natural daylight which reaches the exhibition inside the vault.

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