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A residence for the whole neigbourhood!

You can find 122 new mailboxes on Zeeburgereiland. Meet the new residential building: Terrazza! This sculptural building establises a connection with the neighborhood on every side. For example, some of the houses are connected to the street by stairs and terraces. But more notable are the courtyards. The courtyards are accessible to everyone and add more green to the new district in Amsterdam. A private, residential building for the entire neighborhood!


The public-friendly character is even more reflected in the design of the building. The facades have a special appearance due to the horizontal and vertical stacked brick. The spacious double-height main entrances and the large fronts at street level make the building feel very accessible. The ensemble consists of three building parts that rise in steps. The height of the volumes is in line with the surrounding buildings; on the north side 12 meters high and on the south side the height accents up to 36 meters.


Terrazza has a different view from every angle. Staggered balconies and the alternation of large fronts and slit windows provide a lively and spatial image. This is also due to the different masonry bonds. We chose in this design for a two sand-colored bricks from Brunsummer clay, from the Engels Steenfabriek in Oeffelt. The colors of the frames, roof trim and the prefab concrete match ton-sur-ton with the colors of the bricks.


Craftmenship and variation are central themes in this project. Even the letterboxes are designed with great care. Diversity does not only play a major role on the outside, but also on the inside. Each home has a specially designed floor plan. The buildings contain a wide variety of residences, both in size and type. We gesigned no less then 44 floor plans for this project. From compact study to roof villa: it can all be found in Terrazza!




Bouwfonds Property Development (BPD)

Engels, Oeffelt, Brick Factory

Era Contour, contractor

INBO Amsterdam, BIM

Goudstikker de Vries, constructor

Cauberg Huygen, advisor (installation)

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