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Rusthof Cemetery and Crematorium is situated in the densely forested landscape between the Utrechtse Heuvelrug and Gelderse Vallei. Here the bereaved from any cultural or religious background are able to say goodbye to their dearly departed in their own way. The current trend is customization. The design of Rusthof Crematorium has taken this into account.

Contrast with existing monument

The crematorium is part of Rusthof Cemetery. The building designed by EGM has a different feel to it than existing monumental buildings designed by engineer C.B. van der Tak, but is fully integrated with the original design as far as natural surroundings and urban planning is concerned.


The design takes the wishes of the customer into account by allowing as much room as possible for the implementation of the individual wishes and beliefs of the bereaved. The crematorium is optically separated from the great hall and reception areas by a large patio and a dividing wall. This means that not everybody is required to be confronted with the cremation. It also means different religions and cultural groups can say goodbye in these spaces in their preferred manner.

Home comfort

The most important challenge was a desire to create a feeling of "home comfort" in the hall. The great hall has an intimate feel, in part because of its rounded shape, use of natural materials, plain furnishings and subtle influx of daylight. Views of the greenery of the surrounding environment contribute to a sense of peace.

24-hour funeral parlour

In the north wing of the patio, six 24-hour funeral parlours have been constructed. The bereaved can say goodbye to their loved ones at any time of the day or night. Materials, colour, daylight and view allow visitors to feel as though they are not at a funeral home. The coffee room has been expanded. It can now be divided into two spaces, so that two groups can make use of it. Evening condolences are also an option. This renovation is the first phase of a masterplan by Rusthof to become the most beautiful funeral home in Middle Netherlands.


Rusthof Crematorium won the Architectural Award of the city of Amersfoort in 2003.

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