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Rotterdam Ahoy


Ahoy welcomes several events that can be held simultaneously. This diversity and capacity will be expanded by enlarging the exhibition halls, adding a music hall for 7,000 visitors and an international conference center for 3,000 visitors. Rotterdam Ahoy now has a beautiful new entrance building, consisting of 35 break-out rooms and RTM Stage.

The design supports the excitement of an event visit, but also offers the tranquility in which there is room for an intuitive orientation. The plan contributes to the sensory stimulation associated with events. Kraaijvanger's design ensures perfect logistical coordination of the various visitor flows for, for example, three events held simultaneously.

The Rotterdam Ahoy event hall has been largely equipped with a new ceiling system. The ‘heart of Rotterdam South’ is provided with innovative and sustainable applications developed by Hunter Douglas Architectural, a leading manufacturer of architectural ceiling systems. A total of 17,000 m² of ceiling has been replaced by modern and durable indoor and outdoor systems.

Hunter Douglas Architectural has been known for years as an innovative manufacturer of first-class ceilings and walls for leading projects worldwide. The company has therefore made significant contributions to the realization of various shopping centers, airports, government buildings, hospitals, universities and offices. Rotterdam Ahoy can now also be added to this list. With a conference and meeting center, six exhibition and event halls and an indoor arena, Rotterdam Ahoy is a multifunctional accommodation in Rotterdam South. The capacity varies from 10 to 25,000 people.

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