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Rijnboutt Office

The architecture and urban design firm Rijnboutt called on Fokkema & Partners to jointly design the interior of their new office in Amsterdam. They settled on the top two floors of a transparent new building designed by MVSA on the Moermanskkade, where views on large silo’s and cargo ships in the bustling harbour set the tone for an energizing atmosphere. As both firms operate in the realm of architecture, the design process resulted in an interesting co-creation where client and architect put in their own expertise and fascinations. The common drive to achieve the utmost in terms of user wellbeing resulted in a modest, slightly raw and transparent design. It expresses and facilitates a collaborative workstyle with good communication between all levels and disciplines, executed with honest and pure materials and leaving much of the building structure, the textured concrete floor and the installation plan in sight. The program casually unfolds in a generous loft inspired space with ample facilities to meet, display and create; making it easy to share knowledge and know-how. A modular design structures the space, emphasizing sightlines, providing storage and privacy while subtly dividing the office into zones. The auditorium, seating 80 persons, doubles as the open staircase between the floors. It is sculptured in plywood with a more secluded library integrated in the construction below. Sustainable design is at the core of thinking for both architecture firms: the design is highly flexible in use and materialisation is dismountable. Existing shelving systems were reused and robust and timeless furniture complement the unique and inspiring design.

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