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Raaks Parking Glass Cube

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Next to shops, apartments, offices and hospitality establishments, the Raaks Glass Cube on the Raaksterrein is a fascinating transparent icon in the centre of Haarlem. It measures about 7 meters in height, with a structure entirely made of glass. Each vertical side of the glass cube consists of nine glass plates measuring 2.35 m by 2.35 m. The cube consists of a structure of vertical glass fins, supported by thin steel cables for local stability. The roof is supported by slender metal beams with glass compression supports (solid glass rods). One side of the roof has been placed with a 5% run-off to avoid water accumulation on the roof. The glass roof features a squeegee to aid transparency and to avoid an overload of sun inside. The specks, which have been placed in a random pattern, provide a shadow on the inside of the Cube. The lift inside the cube leads to the parking garage. It is covered with tiles made from brushed stainless steel.

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