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Plot 17 / Mixed use


With the construction of the Jaz Hotel, the square of the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam-Zuidoost is completed.

Visitors to the concerts are welcomed invitingly onto the square in front of the Dome. The U-shaped building around the square includes the hotel, banqueting rooms, and offices.

Every building around the square has its own character, but in order to maintain unity, the same sand-coloured concrete is used in the facades.

Looking at the surrounding buildings, the Amsterdam ArenA and Ziggo Dome, the building at this plot had to be anything but fragile. A sturdy architecture with good reference to the human scale. A continuous plinth of two floors with a four-meter high canopy on three sides of the square, in which as many public programs are included, creates an atmosphere where people feel good.

The lighting of the square is included in the canopy. Like the San Marco square, the Ziggo Dome square is illuminated from the sides. And also like the famous Venetian square, it will be filled with people at times and offer relaxation to employees from neighbouring offices at other moments.

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