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Pavilion De Boerderij

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In May 2015 construction finished of a glass pavilion which is part of restaurant ‘De Boerderij’ (‘the farm’) in Arnhem, NL. For the historical area of the park, the architect’s goal was to design a maximally transparent and light-weight farm shed. Traditional sheds in the surrounding area were usually made of wood with large openings for the farm machinery. Since a structure of wood would result into heavy cross-sections, the architect suggested to use steel hidden within a 10 mm thin wooden casing. The structural optimization showed a column size 80x80x8 was feasible, but demanded an appropriate stabilizing structure in the façade to transfer the lateral wind loads. Regular braces were not an option, since the view on the surrounding park should be preserved as much as possible. Therefore, it was succesfully proposed using shear walls of glass to reinforce the steel structure.

Description: General
In this pavilion, regular insulated glass (sizes up to 3x3 m2) has been used to provide stability to the building. All regular steel braces are removed, creating maximum transparency in the dining area of the pavilion. The solution was found in clamping the glass pragmatically within a steel frame, and transferring forces through appropriate rubbers without any adhesive. For these rubbers, experimental research has been conducted. Also FEM analysis has been performed to verify if the structural principle was working as expected.

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