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Between the Gershwinlaan and the Boelelaan, south of the large scale office development on the Zuidas, a number of plots are identified as residential. The project is part of a master plan developed by Claus en Kaan. The housing block designed by diederendirrix comprises two mirror image symmetrical buildings, flanking a lush green courtyard, which contain a total of 46 apartments varying in size and typology. There are studios, townhouses and penthouses.

A characteristic of the design is the stepped building which opens the accommodation, both horizontally and vertically, to the sunny side and the Boelegracht. A luxurious residential feeling is created by the generous terraces. In keeping with the vicinity, the outside of the block is relatively closed and has a more formal design. The facades get their size and scale from a shallow embossment and a pattern of horizontal facade bands and concrete bands. A sense of cohesion is created by the repeated use of common elements such as glass foyers, balconies, high ceilings and quantities of glass.

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