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One Central Park, Sydney, Australia

Located on the site of a former brewery, One Central Avenue comprises of two towers, 18 stories and 34 stories respectively, on a 5 storey retail podium as part of a 250,000sqm development plan. The towers provide 623 luxury apartments above a 5 level retail and recreation podium. The eastern tower features a light reflector installation, extending from the upper levels on a grand cantilever. The reflected light system incorporates an innovative system of both fixed and motorized mirrored panels, designed to capture sunlight and redirect it into the retail atrium and onto the landscaped terraces. Planter boxes, vertical vines and green walls incorporated into the facade will wrap the towers in plant life, extending the central parkland upward, growing around the building’s façade. The development provides a further five levels below ground for car parking and service vehicles as well as a central water recycling plant.

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