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ICON Dortmund

Designed using the principle of Cradle to Cradle, this innovative office block uses regenerative energy in new ways, taking a totally new approach to resourcefulness. The Cradle to Cradle principle makes use of closed material and resource circuits. The result: a fresh work atmosphere, lower maintenance costs and a striking statement for the future of economy and trade. The architects William McDonough + Partners, USA, in cooperation with IAA Architects, draw their inspiration from nature. Nothing is left out, nothing is wasted. Everything which has fulfilled its purpose will be used afresh as raw material. The Cradle to Cradle principle of organising in circuits is used for the complete lifecycle of buildings. The materials and engineering involved save both the environment and your budget straight away. For example, the building is shaped and aligned so as to allow the optimal use of daylight for lighting. Oxygen is produced by automatically watered plants, which cleanse the air and naturally air-condition the rooms. The presence of green everywhere allows the eyes to relax and ensures that every break promotes recovery. Whether in the offices, communication rooms or break areas, everything here works in a new, futuristic way- sustainable in every detail. Thanks to the flexible surface concepts, your renting space and its partitions can be fine-tuned to your individual requirements.

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