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Office Geelen Counterflow

For their new office building, Geelen Counterflow in Haelen The Netherlands wished for a sustainable building. At least it should be zero-energy building. After completion this had resulted into a building which produces 60% more than it consumes and a BREEAM-score of 99,94%. At that time this BREEAM-score was the highest in the world for an office building. An important contribution to this high score is made by the carefull selection of used materials. The main loadbearing structure is made of timber. Large parts of this timber structure are constructed from laminated timber without the use of glue. The structural facades, walls and floors are constructed in Nur-Holz. Nur-Holz is an application of cross laminated timber (CLT), where all planks are connected not by glue but by the use of wooden dowels. This way a glue-free CLT is obtained. Of all possible building materials, glue-free CLT has got the lowest environmental impact and the lowest CO2-footprint.
As Principal structural Engineer, Lüning Engineering Consultants was responsible for the overall structural design and detailed design of the project. The detailed design included the design and calculation of all timber connections. Furthermore all the detailed calculations for the Nur-Holz (glue-free CLT) were made by Lüning Consultants.

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