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New building distribution center Wijchen

A large logistics service provider wanted to expand the activities for the Life Sciences & Healthcare in Wijchen. The first two phases concerned a total of 40,000 m2 of air-conditioned GDP compliant warehouses for storage of goods (medical). These have now been realized on Bijsterhuizen Business Park to Wijchen. These warehouses contain different areas with specific climate requirements, such as an ambient (18-25 ° c), a dangerous goods area (18-25 ° c), a cooled area (2-8 ° c) and a frozen food compartment (-15 ° c), including areas for support functions at for Office, loading and unloading, parking and infrastructure. Meanwhile launched the pre-design of phase 3. SERVICES VOLANTIS Volantis was part of the design team. During the project there was an optimal integral cooperation between the various disciplines and the architect. Within the team Volantis was responsible for: • The installation technical advisory work; • Structural consultancy; • Sustainability advice (BREEAM-NL); • Building physics consultancy; • Fire safety and sprinkler consultancy • Building and environmental permit, license to operate In addition, Volantis was responsible for: • The Tender management UAV-GC (architectural and installation). • The technical project management. • The validation of climate installations. • Support of Due Diligence research investor. RESULT: Phase 1 and 2 are realised in accordance with planning, budget and to the satisfaction of the client. The studies for the third stage are already started. The client is particularly pleased with the solid knowledge, the rapid switching and the determination of Volantis, both at design and construction phase. Based on the monitoring of the Executive parties, test results and reports, Volantis optimally supported the client during construction phase by taking certain choices and decisions and confirmed that the plants fully meet the specific climate requirements.

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