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Moses Mabhida stadium

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This stadium is located on the grounds of the Kings Park Soccer Stadium, in the Durban sports precinct in the suburb of Stamford Hill. The stadium had the capacity to hold 62,760 spectators during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Its design allows the stadium seating to be adjusted; 54,000 for local matches or up to 80,000 for events such as the Commonwealth Games. Moses Mabhida Stadium roof consists of a 46,000 m2, Teflon-coated, glass-fibre membrane which produce a translucent glow when the stadium is lit. These are attached to the arch by 95mm diameter steel cables. The grand centre arch wich is 106 m high, is not just a design feature. The SkyCar takes visitors up to its highest point, where they can get out and enjoy breathtaking, panoramic views of the city and ocean. The shape of the iconic arch was inspired by the “Y shape” on the South African flag and its design allows for natural ventilation and creates an incredible sense of space every bit as striking as the stadium’s famous arch.

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