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Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay sands is an luxurious resort which is fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. This resort includes a 120,000-sqm convention centre, 74,000-sqm shopping mall, two large theatres, museum, floating pavilion and the largest atrium casino in the world with 1600 slot machines and 500 gambling tables. The resort was initially inspired by card decks, which of course has its relation to one of the world’s largest and most expensive casino located on the main floor. During its construction phase, a new hotel floor was realized every four days, the fastest pace ever for a project of this scale in Singapore. The slope of tower 1 is as steep as 26 degrees, this makes this complex one of the most challenging hotels to ever be built in the world. The three towers are topped by a 340-metre-long Sky-park which has a capacity of almost 4000 people. This becomes even more spectacular with the 150-metre-long ‘’infinity swimming pool’’, which is set on top of the world’s largest public cantilevered platform. It overhangs the north tower by 67 metre. This complex brings Singapore to a whole new level of innovation and is a significant asset to the skyline of the republic.

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