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Lianne Tio Luxury

Hidden in the heart of Rotterdam, the Lianne Tio Luxury boutique offers an absolute oasis of comfort and tranquility. The boutique has been completely refurbished and almost doubled in size to a generous 300 m2. Fokkema & Partners set out to create an environment which centers around user experience. Functional elements were neatly integrated into the design, and the quality of the products served as an inspiration to the sophisticated detailing, materialization and furnishings of the boutique. The boutique consists of four distinct rooms, each with their own centerpiece, a nod to the lovely boutiques in Paris and Milan. Rich and haptic surfaces and refined detailing in combination with a balanced lighting plan subtly highlight the products so all attention will focus on their unique features. This subtle approach results in a calm yet identity rich boutique which includes some unexpected details: a golden nose adorns the drawer of the perfume bar. A 7-meter long “jewel rock” lines the far end of the boutique and features the ideal slopes to drape jewelry. The landscape refers to the mountains and rocks as the raw origin of precious stones, metals and diamonds. The attention to detail results in a space where visitors feel at ease while engaging their senses. The mindful atmosphere as a result of this approach offers an elegant counterbalance to the hectic and digital lives we tend to live.

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