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Leidsche Rijn bus station

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The Municipality of Utrecht is developing the new district Leidsche Rijn Centrum. Public transport facilities will be added to this district. Jo Coenen, together with AnnA architecten, designed a unique roof for the new bus station. The roof will cover four bus stops. In turn, the bus stops lie on the access tunnel for the A2 motorway and on the city rail tunnel. Cups The roof consists of a steel structure with 10 hexagonal cups. The cups are formed by a pre-tensioned membrane. The shape of the membrane is a bell shape with the lip on the underside. Triangular smaller membrane structures are present between the 10 hexagonal cups, with the point facing upwards.

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ABT made calculations for the steel structure and the membrane canvas in a model, including the interaction between the steel and the membrane canvas, making it easier to define the dimensions the steel. ABT determined the wind loads on the membrane canvas. Because this isn’t a regular shape where standards explicitly specify loads, it was necessary to interpret the standards. This interpretation was verified by checking with colleagues from the building physics industry who had made CFD calculations of the airflows around the roof. The resulting wind load could be derived from these calculations and this confirmed the assumption that the resulting force was always facing downwards.


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