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Kop van Hoog


At a prominent location on the Zwolle canal, Kop van Hoog offers a qualitative solution to the demand for an urban living environment for various target and income groups. The visual sub-plans to the factory buildings, warehouses and workers' houses that characterized the lively Kamperpoort city district.

The Kamperpoort district takes its name from the no longer existing city gate on the original connecting road between Zwolle and Kampen. A large number of locations in this city district have been redeveloped in recent years. Kop van Hoog is one of the last new construction projects within the restructuring and is located in a prominent location on the Zwolse city canal. Based on the idea that a home should be available to everyone in such a beautiful location, the design offers a combination of social and private sector rental homes plus owner-occupied apartments in various price ranges. The plan is therefore not only characterized by the great diversity in architecture, but also by the variation in housing types and target groups that have now found their home. This makes Kop van Hoog a good example of an inclusive society.


Kamperpoort has always been a neighborhood with a strong social connection and liveliness on the street. This connection with each other and with the street was given an explicit place in the design for the new residential building. The houses are situated around a communal courtyard; an automatically speaking place to meet and chat. By solving the parking facility under the building, the connection of the residential building to ground level can be optimized. All front doors, including those of the houses on the ground floor of the residential tower, are adjacent to the street. The characteristic liveliness of the neighborhood is also enhanced with a plinth for commercial services on the canal.

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