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KJC Heliomare & MFS

Heemskerk is building a new Children and Youth Centre (KJC), in combination with a multifunctional sports facility (MFS) for young people. Clients of the KJC have physical, cognitive, socio-emotional or multiple disabilities. In fact, a large percentage of their clients are young people living with multiple disabilities. The KJC features a double sports hall, a therapy pool, a room for sensory and motor therapy, a fitness space and a variety of places for challenging play. The educational unit provides classrooms, some for hands-on learning, open learning areas and facilities for rehabilitation and sports. The entire building meets the strict integral accessibility standards for ITS certification. The MFS is the city's multifunctional sports facility and offers two gym halls for physical education classes at the elementary and secondary school levels. The gym halls can be linked to form a single large sports arena. This multifunctional sports facility meets NOC*NSF guidelines. The KJC/MFS is an environmentally-responsible building. Sustainability is a top priority, both during the actual construction and in the subsequent use of the building. The structure has been equipped with measures including a green roof, an energy-efficient climate installation, LED lighting, a thermal storage (WKO) installation and solar panels.
bbn takes on final responsibility for projects, overseeing the entire range of programme and construction management tasks for the new construction, realisation and delivery of the project. Expertise and involvement enable the consultancy firm to supply the most effective advice and critical questions throughout the entire process, making the KJC/MFS project a success for all involved and ensuring that the children received a fantastic and effective building. This is all the more important for organisations that are unused to dealing with the construction process.

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