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Energy Academy Europe

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Within the Energy Acadaemy Europe, education, science and businesses all work together in their quest for new initiatives in the field of Energy. This building is a good example of sustainability and energy management. Because of its sustainability measures the integrated design, the building got an “outstanding” BREEAM score. The Energy Academy is a collection of buildings for multiple functions like lab space, educational spaces, college halls and research space. The building exists out of two major components. These components are joint together by a large atrium. The Energy Academy Europe is one of the first buildings in Groningen with an earthquake resistant design. By reducing the stiffness of the building, the ductility has been increased. Therefore the original stability cores were replaced with six seismic walls. Both the basement and the ground floor are reinforced concrete floors based on a pile foundation. The piles were heavily reinforced so they can absorb the horizontal forces produced by an earth quake. The quality of the soil was insufficient so the pile foundation was designed with extra care.

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