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De Nieuwe Schuur


A cultural workshop for music, dance, drama, and cabaret has been built to give performing artists of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to develop their creations. Theatre makers, opera singers, film directors, musicians, dancers are amongst those who can come to practice, present, stay, organise try-outs and make what they have in mind. The building is located on a raised podium and boasts a panoramic view of the surrounding farmland, the Oude Maasje and the fruit and nut trees.

Featuring a theatre on the ground floor, with a kitchen and 5 sleeping places above, the building is a tranquil and inspiring place. Fitting into a genuine Dutch river landscape, the transformation of an old barn makes De Nieuwe Schuur an amiable place, whether it’s for a cultural gathering, or for a business holiday. The building is an institution that is not for profit and fully focused on public benefit.

The cultural workshop is intended not only as a space to practice productions, but to perfect creations. The building’s multifunctional nature allows it to be used for business meetings and conferences, for private celebrations. There is a theatre hall, a jazz cellar and a panoramic attic. The theatre is built from cross-laminated timber, reflecting a construction kit. This consists of strong, solid wooden construction boards, made up of three or more layers of cross-glued spruce slats.

They are a full-fledged replacement for masonry or concrete. Because the crosslinked bonding is compressed under high pressure, the load capacity is increased, and the expansion of the wood is reduced to a minimum. Underneath the former barn is a large cellar, in which a heat pump is installed. This space will also be used as storage, including approximately 100 chairs.

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