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De Boekenberg (Book Mountain)

With their design for Spijkenisse library, MVRDV architects wanted to bring back the traditional shape of the 'stolpboerderij' farmhouse in a new guise. The result is a 26 meter tall pyramid made of laminated timber rafters and double glazing. Inside, the building has wide, pyramid shaped terraces with bookcases: literally a mountain of books, which is the translation of the building's name, Boekenberg. The lift shaft has been kept separate from the structure of the roof so that they can move independently of one another. The roof structure consists of three large hinged rafters. The longest rafters are 35 meter long.

ABT provided the overall structural engineering.

The roof has been constructed using 116 wooden rafters – including 4 hip rafters – and glass, achieving a spectacular aspect and fall of light inside the building. The three hinged rafters in the roof are made of FSC laminated fir (white wood). The ridge beams are anchored by means of steel cables.

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