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This new type of project for Youth Housing is an important initiative that addresses the specific housing problems of young professionals between 18 and 30 years old, with solutions as strategically defined by the “CHANGE=” organization. OZ has translated these preconditions into a clear and coherent building project, offering tailor-made housing and amenities. 

For a long time, in the Netherlands, too few apartments have been built for young adults who are simultaneously at the beginning of their working and housing career. Even if they have a job, it often takes too long to obtain an independent accommodation in the city that meets reasonable standards. This unstable living situation can have a significant impact on the lives of these young people, with a negative spiral as a result. It has become an issue with great consequences. Change= was established to serve this group of young adults. Commissioned by Change= OZ has interpreted the ambition to provide a foundation for a successful start and a prosperous future through youth housing, as an integral part of the important chain: Housing, employment, and environment. Change= is pushing for that chain. OZ translated these principles into a highly efficient layout and a striking building which, within the management formula of Change=, uses every possible opportunity to create a “sense of community” for its users.

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