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Boulevard van Schagen


Boulevard of Schagen Domburg

The Zeeland town of Domburg is close to the sea. The strip of dunes between the city and the beach is narrow and busy. A path waddles apparently carelessly through the dune; The Boulevard of Schagen. The interior was jaded and had insufficient capacity for the many walkers and beach guests.

The redesign of the Boulevard is a combination of a narrow-looking dune path with an alternating view of the sea, city, dunes, villas and water tower and sturdy entrances in the walking lines of Domburg. There are generous sea balconies along the route, offering visitors a rest and viewing point. Each sea balcony has a different relationship with the dune: from dune top to sunken spot in the dune.

The redesign is a subtle integration of the functional requirements into the natural dune landscape that does justice to the character of Domburg as a stylish, small-scale seaside resort.

Nomination for the Award Best Public Space 2018

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