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B.C. Place Stadium Revitalization, New Roof

BC Place Stadium, the first domed stadium in Canada, reopened in 2011 after a dramatic transformation, which provided this stadium a new retractable roof. The 60,000 seat multipurpose stadium had its air-supported roof decommissioned immediately following the 2010 Winter Olympics for construction of the new 39,800 m2 (428,000 ft2) roof, with a 7,340 m2 (79,000 ft2) retractable center section. The new roof is supported on the existing stadium structure and was designed to minimize the facility down time for construction while re-establishing the venue’s icon status in the city. Geiger Engineers led an international design team for the new roof. Geiger Engineers and GENIVAR received an Award of Excellence in 2012 for the revitalization project from the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada. Watch the video of the retractable roof:

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