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Apple Zorlu

For the architect and engineer it is the distillation of a desire to achieve the ultimate and simplest solution. The architectural form of the Zorlu Lantern is as a result of the purest structural approach possible given the limits of material fabrication today. The solution is single panels of glass for the walls and a single element for the roof held all together with silicone - no fixings to mar their integrity and transparency. The journey to this solution explored many ideas and solutions, the team continuing to strive for the best solution in terms of architecture, engineering, urbanism, function, design. The four glass walls are 10m wide x 3m tall and are formed of 3 x 12mm fully tempered glass laminated with Sentry Glass interlayer. The roof is a single Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CRFP) panel with a complex ‘precambered’ shape to ensure the soffit is completely level throughout when installed. The external form rises to 210mm in the centre to facilitate water run-off. It is a constant 60mm at the edges where it meets the wall panels. The lantern acts as a visual signpost to the store and lets daylight into the all basement flagship Apple store; it also illuminates the plaza at night. The lantern is located right at the heart of the Zorlu complex.

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