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Apple Store New York

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The first Cube, completed in 2006 was designed, built and fabricated at the limits of structural glass technology at the time. Over the five years between Cube 1 and 2, Apple, EOC and Seele Sedak developed a number of design, fabrication and connection technologies as a result of a drive to evolve the language of glass within the Apple retail environment. The second Cube, completed in 2011, was an opportunity to collate the latest in structural glass design and fabrication in order to enhance its transparency. The production of much larger panels of glass has led to laminated and tempered panels now being achievable up to 18m x 3.6m. The concept of metallic inserts being laminated in the glass build up has also been advanced further to the extent that more sophisticated details have been developed that facilitate entirely embedded joints. These developed connection concepts evolved through their use in a number of Apple store locations globally. The opportunity presented by the re-construction of the 5th Avenue Cube was an ideal chance to embrace all of these developments into one consolidated glass structure. So in 2011 an entirely new and structurally simplified glass cube was engineered and built, exemplifying the latest thinking in structural glass.

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