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Prins Claus Conservatorium

The upgrading of the Prins Clause Conservatorium (PCC) consisted of the renovation and expansion of the existing building. This upgrade involves additional area for the concert hall, jazz club, studios and educational spaces. The PCC was equipped with a new entrance which gave it an entirely new look. Due to the function of this building, there are certain requirements because of the sound. The necessary prefab concrete walls are disconnected from the upper and lower floors, eliminating the stiffness of these walls. This increases the overall ductility of the building. By adding four seismic walls it is possible to redirect the horizontal earthquake forces to the "stiffer" walls. At the base of these stability walls, the foundation has been adapted and increased. Combining the existing structure with the new one leads to an adjustment in the dilatation distances, to compensate the displacements caused by earthquakes.

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