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Soundless acoustics Intl.

Soundless acoustics specialises in development and sales for solutions designed to improve room acoustics and intelligibility by reducing the reverberation time in any room. Highlight consist of Soundblox high performance acoustic blocks which prove to be an excellent solution to integrate sound absorption into high (partition) walls to combine noise control with constructional stability. Soundblox are suitable in both in- and outdoor application such as schools, churches, in- and outdoor parking, industrial plants, gymnasiums, swimming pools, mechanical equipment rooms, theaters, libraries, alongside railway stations and motorways. Soundblox will suit any design because of their endless possibilites in colours, decorative foils and style configuration and are well suitable for painting in any desired colour. These load-bearing acoustical masonry units are available with mineral wool fillers for increased absorption performance. They come in several sizes to meet the requirement of each wall size. Soundless Acoustics Intl has taken a revolutionary step towards sustainability with the possibility to choose organic inserts to increase the sound absorption performance. The recently performed acoustical tests showed excellent results with a special patented cellulose filling insert as well as with a cotton filling insert made of recycled jeans. Both fillings are fully cradle to cradle. Soundless has every intention to replace the mineral wool by fully organic inserts in future. For more information, please contact us any time.

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