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Derako International B.V.

Derako is an industrial producer and supplier of solid wood systems and continuously working to increase the application possibilities of sustainable materials in the building industry. Because of innovation and years of experience, both nationally and internationally, Derako supplies practical, applicable , but especially stylish and sustainable coverings for ceilings, walls and façades. Your creativity and design concept is our starting point. Derako only works on a project basis and all systems are made to measure architect solutions with budgetary flexibility. We offer support during the design and engineering phase and supply, where necessary, suitable solutions. We assist in thinking about the design challenges, the integration with the building systems and logistical questions. We also offer ideas for the realisation of your unique requirements. In addition, Derako always fully supports and develops each project technically, which among other things results in detailed layout plans and technical information. At Derako each project deserves its own appearance.

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