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Linnaeusborg is a faculty building for the University of Groningen which has room for up to three research institutes and a training centre with auditoria, lecture theatres and practical facilities, laboratories, research areas, meeting rooms and offices. These include specialised biochemical laboratories, an MRI scanning facility, an isotopes lab, electron microscopes, animal facilities, aquariums and greenhouses. There is a cellar under most of the building. The building itself is 10 storeys high and has a total floor area of 36,000 m² (excluding the greenhouse complex). The client wanted a clear design providing dynamism, interaction and flexibility. When working out the zoning, account was taken of the interaction between laboratories, offices and support areas. By adding voids and cross-connections, vertical circuits are also created which link the different floors together. This openness makes it easy for users to find their way around the building. It is a light and lively whole that provides a pleasant working environment. The building is very efficient, both in terms of its architecture and its technical systems.

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