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Kantoorgebouw Hanzestrohm


BDG Architecten designed the Hanzestrohm office building in a diamond shape. The powerful appearance reflects the identity of Hanzestrohm: high tech, warm and recognizable. The sloping green roof on the northwest side naturally flows into the green zone of the adjacent Nieuwe Wetering. The office building has been raised and built on a slope. The slightly elevated position and the transparent facade offer a beautiful view of the floodplains and the water. The large windows make the relationship with the outside clearly tangible from all over the office. Under the office building, hidden behind the slope, there is room for more than 80 parking spaces, a bicycle shed and a technical room.

In addition to the green front zone, BDG created a pleasant outdoor space around the office with various types of planting, fruit trees and sheltered seating areas for breaks. With height differences in the ground level, the route to the raised entrance has been made. Upon entering, the wide tribune staircase covered with ash wood immediately catches the eye. This multifunctional element is a great place for informal consultation and presentations with a variety of seats. It connects the central space with the first floor and provides a connection between the departments. Above the grandstand stairs, light streets on the north bring daylight deep into the building.

The open and inviting appearance of the exterior is reflected in the interior. In line with the wishes of the different types of employees, BDG designed the floor plans with a mix of open and lockable work and consultation areas. In the new environment, the employees are at a short distance from each other, which stimulates collaboration and knowledge exchange. Green partition elements and glass partitions provide a connection and also regulate the acoustics.

PV panels, a triple-glass facade and high-quality insulation make the gas-free building particularly durable. For an optimal working climate, the balanced ventilation system can be set as desired per room. The office is actively heated and cooled by a heat pump.

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